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Extreme Outer Limits, hosted by Bob and Chris Beck, is a cutting-edge outdoor television series dedicated to the rapidly growing, long range hunting enthusiast. Perfectionists in their sport and their video productions, Bob and his wife, Chris, take what they do seriously, and it shows.
EOL takes you around the world on hunts from New Zealand to Africa, and all over North America. You’ll find bugling bulls, giant mule deer, red stags, many different African species, and tons of other North American big game on Extreme Outer Limits. Airing on Saturday mornings, at 9:30am PST, The Sportsman Channel has billed this show as “an exciting and refreshingly different program that they are excited to air on their network.” For regular updates from the EOL Team be sure to visit our blog, the EOl Journal, or check us out on Facebook.

With the Extreme Outer Limits shooting school season winding down we now have some demo rifles available for purchase! Currently we have five MOA Evolution 7mm Rem Mags(green stock) and one .308 Win(kings camo stock). These rifles have had exactly 240 rounds through them and are all shooting a .5 minute or better groups. Each rifle comes equipped with a Nightforce NXS 3.5-15 x 50 MOAR scope with high speed zero stop, bubble, and rings. Every rifle has been proven out to 1800 yards and is ready to go right out of the box. Brand new cost for this package is $5,695, used demo is only $4,750. To order yours call 503-267-9567 or email