About Us

Extreme Outer Limits is the newest, most cutting-edge, outdoor entertainment authority, presenting the most extreme and long-range hunting on television this decade. We pride ourselves in proving that with the proper knowledge, we are capable and able to make competent, ethical harvests at extreme distances. Through extensive research, product development, and range time, we are capable of shattering the preconceived notion of “what is long range”. We love what we do and are dedicated to showing our audience the “extreme outer limits” of modern hunting technology.

Bob Beck – Formerly a Land Developer, by trade, in the Greater Northwest.  Born and raised in Oregon, his hunting career originated  over 25 years ago.   His Western Big Game hunts have included High Country Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain and Roosevelt Elk, Coastal Black Tail and Black Bear, Antelope and Northern Whitetail, in addition to several species in Africa, South America, New Zealand and Canada.

One of his greatest hunting experiences was solo backpacking into Wyoming’s backcountry with the end result being a 192-inch High Country Mule Deer.  Most recently, he went on an Alpine heli-hunt in New Zealand, where he took his first ever Bull Tahr.

Among his long range hunting accomplishments are a confirmed 1,380 yard kill on an antelope, an 1,201 yard kill on a Rocky Mountain Elk, an 885 yard kill on a Coastal Black Bear and a couple Texas Whitetail’s at the 1,100 yard mark.  Most recently Bob took his first ever 200-inch Mule Deer on the famous Bair Ranch in Colorado.

Chris Beck – Formerly a small business owner in her hometown of Newberg, Oregon.  She took up the sport of hunting with Bob nearly 7 1/2 years ago while traveling along on many of his western big game hunts.   She has since had the opportunity to harvest a number of exceptional animals including a beautiful Trophy Mule Deer in Colorado and a remarkable Barren Ground Caribou Bull in the Canadian Territory of Nunavut, the largest, northernmost and newest territory of Canada.  Some of her other trophies include Rocky Mountain Elk, Oregon Coastal Black Bears, Black Tail Deer, Antelope, a number of Muley’s and a couple of  Whitetail bucks.  She took an awesome Red Stag in South America and one in New Zealand at 750+ yards, as well as a Colorado Rocky Mountain bull elk at 996 yards, but the list doesn’t stop there. Other species have included a record book Red Hartebeest  in South Africa, by far one of her favorite hunts to-date, and most recently, a Gold Medal Chamois in New Zealand.

Chris was filmed taking, what we believe to be the longest shot ever by a woman, with her 1,025 yard kill on a Coastal Black Bear, in addition to a 1,005 yard kill on a Coastal Black Tail, both on her home turf, in Oregon.