MOA Rifles And The New Berger 7mm 195’s

Extreme Outer Limits is excited to unveil their new line of Berger Bullets. The new 7mm (.284) 195 Grain Match EOL Elite Hunter Bullet is designed with an astoundingly high BC(.755). These bullets are designed for shooters that are using custom rifles and are not limited to SAAMI dimensional standards and bullet seating depths. MOA Rifles Evolution Extreme line of rifles are the perfect match for a bullet like this. The MOA Rifles Extreme action is inletted to 4.0 inches, as well as utilizes a 4.0 inch magazine. The MOA Extreme Rifles also have match cut chambers to the lengths that are optimized for bullets just like the 7mm 195. These heavier, long bullets are shooting flawlessly with superior accuracy and in some cases the trajectory and ballistics are outperforming the 338 Lapua and 300 RUM’s. With the MOA Rifles Extreme chamber design and barrel twist rates, MOA Rifles are able to achieve high velocities and massive amounts of kinetic energy at target!

For more specific information about the new Extreme Outer Limits line of Berger Bullets, or any questions about the best choice of MOA Rifle for these bullets, please call MOA Rifles at 541-526-1820.

MOA Rifles Evolution Extreme Line – CLICK HERE
Extreme Outer Limits Berger 7mm 195’s – CLICK HERE

MOA Evolution Extreme Sporter & Extreme Long Range Hunter

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Why Cant We All Just Get Along


Having been immersed in hunting for most of my life, over the past few years there seems to be a number of topics that have disturbingly become more and more apparent. Subjects that many organizations in the industry have made claims as to what is right or wrong, which in my opinion, has caused the hunting community to divide rather than unite. Opinions on “long range” hunting, and the ever growing technology are currently very hot topics. Campfire stories where men and women used to share their exciting tales of their hunt have now turned into ethical debates on how hunters choose to hunt! It is a shame that instead of taking our efforts elsewhere to say, “stop the anti-hunting movement“, we seemingly fight the great people that enjoy the same sport as ourselves.

Let us just say that one hunter around the campfire possesses the ability and skill to “long range” hunt. A man or woman who wants to increase his or her success rate while doing what? Yes, HUNTING. Putting in and waiting for years – burning 20 points on a tag, you better be able to shoot! Who ever decided 400-600 yards was the cap for an “ethical kill”? Last time I checked, ethics is whether you can humanely kill an animal with minimal risk of wounding. For archers, that could be 30 yards or 70 yards, who am I to make those claims? As long as the archer gets the job done. Some rifle hunters’ comfortable shooting range may be 200 yards, while his buddy might be proficient to 800 yards. Bottom line – it’s a judgment call based on skill and the competency of the weapon you choose. There are no facts that go with ethics, only a personal feeling of internal ability and external conditions at the time of the shot.

Moving onto another person around the campfire – Let’s say this person has their entire property covered in trail cams, has feeders out, and knows which big bucks are coming to which food plot down to the minute. Some would venture to say, “you’re cheating with technology, that’s not hunting, and it’s not fair”. Why is it unfair, why is this persons way wrong? Just because they’re using advancements in our sport to increase the odds? Harvesting a mature wild animal is no easy feat so any little piece here and there to help is a plus.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re hunters no matter what legal style we choose. Separating us will only cause defeat, and in my eyes, not much good can come from that. I DO NOT agree with the organizations that are making these claims. I learned early on in life, that when opening my mouth, I stick to the things I know! The fact of the matter is, I do this week in and week out. If any of the claims these organizations are making were true, we would not continue to use these methods. I have said it a million times, I will not be the guy to draw a line in the sand in the hunting community. That may be best left to the organizations who have made these claims, but should this continue, I know what side I will be standing on. The side with my fellow hunters.

Bob Beck
Extreme Outer Limits TV
MOA Rifles LLC

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New “Extreme Pod” Rifle Bipod

The vision behind the Extreme Pod was to take a lifetime of extreme western mountain hunting experience and condense it down to create the most efficient and versatile long range shooting platform ever created. Our willingness to redefine the bipod industry has resulted in the creation of the Extreme Pod.

The Extreme Pod is built upon revolutionary ball and socket technology that gives the shooter 360 degree pan availability. In addition, telescoping carbon fiber legs and hexagonal twist lock leg adjustment gives the shooter infinite rotational adjustability. Push button side deployable legs are the first of its kind and eliminate the need to preload legs required for accurate long range shooting. The indexing lever lock handle allows the shooter to position the locking handle to fit whatever hand configuration the shooter finds convenient. The lever locking handle also has an internal return to center detent bringing the shooter back into alignment by feel which allows shooters to keep their eye on the target at all times. The Extreme Pod can be mounted on any weapon with the aid of its industry standard picatinny mounting system. Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, heat treated stainless steel, and weight saving carbon fiber tubing, the Extreme Pod can be thrown into any rugged field situation and is guaranteed to outshine its competition. Despite the elaborate list of features the Extreme pod weighs in at a mere 12 ounces on the 7-10” model and 14 ounces on the 10-14” model.

To Order-

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Long Range Hunter .com

We are very happy to bring you our brand new forum site called Long Range Hunter. Providing you with expert advice from some of the top long range hunters out there. The forums “Ask the Experts” section will allow you to ask any question to the some of the top companies in the industry. This will eliminate sifting through 10s if not 100’s of responses that may or may not be correct. At long range hunter you can be assured you’re getting the correct and best advice to your questions. Come and discuss anything from reloading to your favorite optics. Any questions? Dont worry our experts are here to answer anything you need. All you long range hunters can check it out here at

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A Day at the 2000 Yard Range

Bob, and Jason from Euro Optic take you through Extreme Outer Limits 2,000 yard range. Using Bob’s new MOA rifle line they start off sighting in, then hit steel all thw way out to 2,000!

MOA Rifles- A Day on the 2,000 Yard Range from Extreme Outer Limits on Vimeo.

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MOA Rifles- Thanks to Nightforce

Having a Television Show in the outdoor industry is nothing short of a challenge. You must align yourself with Partners who have similar goals, who believe in what you’re doing and how you are doing it, as well as having a skilled, quality production company. To Bob and Chris Beck, Nightforce Optics, Inc. is one of those Partners. Building a sound relationship over the past several years has been an absolute pleasure. Having the opportunity to tour the Nightforce facility and hunt with some of Nightforce’s oustanding staff has added to the superb relationship. As many of you may already know, MOA Rifles, is owned and operated by Bob and Chris Beck, Owners and hosts of EOL TV. With Bob and Chris holding MOA Rifles Serial #0001, guess who now owns rifle Serial #0002?! You guessed it – Ray Dennis, Owner of Nightforce Optics, Inc. A big “Thank You” to Ray Dennis and the entire Nightforce organization for believing in EOL TV! ~ Enjoy the rifle!!

MOA Rifle- Thank you to Nightforce from Extreme Outer Limits on Vimeo.

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All New MOA Rifles- Developed by Bob Beck

Developed by Bob Beck of Extreme Outer Limits, The Evolution™ series of MOA Rifles® is the first true, purpose-built, production series of long range hunting rifles to ever hit the market. MOA Rifles® did not start out with a tactical gun design only to be turned into long range hunting rifles. Our proprietary design was built with the initial purpose of long-range hunting and shooting. With that goal in mind, no custom modifications or wait times are needed and our MOA Evolution™ line of MOA Rifles® are in stock and ready to purchase on the spot or ship same day.

MOA Actions are possibly the only actions on the market that have seemingly perfected a 0.000 tolerance machining process, which means lapping the bolts and actions is unnecessary. Cerakoted as a standard, MOA Actions come with scope base pin holes drilled between the scope base holes for extra lock down with heavier long range scope mounting solutions, 8×40 screws, not 6×32 like other production rifles, and have a bolt stop/release in the action, not the trigger. In addition, the MOA Action has its very own proprietary picatinny scope bases with the pins installed. All of these industry changing characteristics make the MOA Action one of the most accurate actions built today.

Our barrel choice for the MOA Evolution™ line is a 5 groove polygon with our specified twist rates for all the newest, highest B.C. bullets on the market. An accurate barrel, combined with a state-of-the-art action, bedded in the best stock in the industry makes the MOA Evolution™ line of rifles the most accurate production series long-rage hunting rifles in the industry.

Visit for more information.

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New Nightforce MOA 1000 Rifle Scope

About the only complaint we hear about our riflescopes is that they aren’t cheap.

Nightforce riflescopes will never be “cheap.” The quality of materials, the precise tolerances, the skilled workmanship, and the need to withstand a lifetime of recoil make it physically impossible to build a world-class riflescope that is “cheap.” But, we thought, perhaps we could make one a little more affordable.

One of the most difficult challenges we’ve ever faced was building a riflescope that is worthy of the Nightforce name in every regard—yet within the reach of a wider range of hunters and shooters who don’t need the “overbuilt” characteristics of our NXS™ series, most of which were originally created to withstand actual combat conditions.

It wasn’t easy. But we did it, by limiting some options, offering simpler controls, and using a less complex manufacturing process…not by reducing the quality of its components.

Welcome to the Nightforce 4-14 x 56 SHV™. We are confident it will outperform any riflescope in its price range. And frankly, many that cost much, much more.

All we cut were costs. Not corners.

Weight: 28.5oz (illuminated), 26.9oz (non-illuminated)
Scope Length: 14.8in/376mm
Magnification Range: 4-14x
Scope Objective Diameter: 56mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount: 30mm (1.18in)
Scope Turret Adjustment: .250 moa
Reticle Position: second focal plane
Field of View: 4x: 24.9ft (7.3m) @100 Yards/100 Meters
14x: 7.3ft (2.23m) @100 Yards/100 Meters
Eye Relief: 3.4″-3.54″ (80-90mm)
Illuminated Reticle (center): Optional
ZeropStop: No
Reticle: MOA1000

Visit the Extreme Store for more information.

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My Long Range Story -Bob Beck

My quest for longer range capable rifles began about 14 years ago. This quest came from many hunting seasons, and the several similar stories told around the campfire, after a long days hunt. “The only mature animal was at nearly 700 yards, disappearing over the ridge, as I was trying to close the distance”, or “I spotted a big one, but he was over 900 yards away and I can’t shoot that far”. In the West, we all know this to be a reality more than one would like to mention. So the decision was made, I could either let this continue, or become invested into a system that would allow me the opportunity to take the game I was looking for on all my future hunts. By definition, a hunter is “someone who searches for something”. I was in search of not only trophy game, but the ability to take trophy game ethically at extended ranges. This search took me on the quest for the most accurate and predictable shooting system I could afford. I have had several custom rifles built over the years, and through trial and error, I’ve gained an infinite amount of knowledge about long range shooting. Some of my longest shots harvesting game include 1061 yards, 1201 yards, and my longest, on film for Extreme Outer Limits TV, is 1380 yards. I have taken all that I have learned and developed the most precise, reliable, predictable, and most affordable shooting system on the market today. The time has come for the Evolution™ of long range hunting – “Introducing MOA Rifles LLC”.

Visit for more information.

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Chris Beats Bob’s Bair Ranch Bull Elk Shot

Naturally between any husband and wife team there always seems to be an underlying competition between the two, right? Well for the past 7 years, and for the past 4 on TV, the Beck’s travel to Colorado to hunt at the famous Bair Ranch, outside Glenwood Springs. Now having 7 years of history hunting at one ranch you get very familiar with it, you make up names for different hunting locations, you have built up memories of harvested animals and where they were shot from etc etc. Well in October of 2013 the duo was glassing from a ridge they knew all too well and was featured in an episode the very first season EOL was on Sportsman’s Channel. Bob put the hammer down on a bull at 975 yards, and that distance wasn’t surpassed for the next 3 years, until they spotted a bull bedded across the canyon. With no hesitation Chris got into position, dialed, and smoked a great big 5×5 at 996 yards beating Bobs record by 21 yards. Looks like Chris will have bragging rights going into next years season! The episode will be airing this fall on Sportsmans Channel.

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