Chris Beats Bob’s Bair Ranch Bull Elk Shot

Naturally between any husband and wife team there always seems to be an underlying competition between the two, right? Well for the past 7 years, and for the past 4 on TV, the Beck’s travel to Colorado to hunt at the famous Bair Ranch, outside Glenwood Springs. Now having 7 years of history hunting at one ranch you get very familiar with it, you make up names for different hunting locations, you have built up memories of harvested animals and where they were shot from etc etc. Well in October of 2013 the duo was glassing from a ridge they knew all too well and was featured in an episode the very first season EOL was on Sportsman’s Channel. Bob put the hammer down on a bull at 975 yards, and that distance wasn’t surpassed for the next 3 years, until they spotted a bull bedded across the canyon. With no hesitation Chris got into position, dialed, and smoked a great big 5×5 at 996 yards beating Bobs record by 21 yards. Looks like Chris will have bragging rights going into next years season! The episode will be airing this fall on Sportsmans Channel.

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