MOA Rifles And The New Berger 7mm 195’s

Extreme Outer Limits is excited to unveil their new line of Berger Bullets. The new 7mm (.284) 195 Grain Match EOL Elite Hunter Bullet is designed with an astoundingly high BC(.755). These bullets are designed for shooters that are using custom rifles and are not limited to SAAMI dimensional standards and bullet seating depths. MOA Rifles Evolution Extreme line of rifles are the perfect match for a bullet like this. The MOA Rifles Extreme action is inletted to 4.0 inches, as well as utilizes a 4.0 inch magazine. The MOA Extreme Rifles also have match cut chambers to the lengths that are optimized for bullets just like the 7mm 195. These heavier, long bullets are shooting flawlessly with superior accuracy and in some cases the trajectory and ballistics are outperforming the 338 Lapua and 300 RUM’s. With the MOA Rifles Extreme chamber design and barrel twist rates, MOA Rifles are able to achieve high velocities and massive amounts of kinetic energy at target!

For more specific information about the new Extreme Outer Limits line of Berger Bullets, or any questions about the best choice of MOA Rifle for these bullets, please call MOA Rifles at 541-526-1820.

MOA Rifles Evolution Extreme Line – CLICK HERE
Extreme Outer Limits Berger 7mm 195’s – CLICK HERE

MOA Evolution Extreme Sporter & Extreme Long Range Hunter

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