MOA Rifles- Thanks to Nightforce

Having a Television Show in the outdoor industry is nothing short of a challenge. You must align yourself with Partners who have similar goals, who believe in what you’re doing and how you are doing it, as well as having a skilled, quality production company. To Bob and Chris Beck, Nightforce Optics, Inc. is one of those Partners. Building a sound relationship over the past several years has been an absolute pleasure. Having the opportunity to tour the Nightforce facility and hunt with some of Nightforce’s oustanding staff has added to the superb relationship. As many of you may already know, MOA Rifles, is owned and operated by Bob and Chris Beck, Owners and hosts of EOL TV. With Bob and Chris holding MOA Rifles Serial #0001, guess who now owns rifle Serial #0002?! You guessed it – Ray Dennis, Owner of Nightforce Optics, Inc. A big “Thank You” to Ray Dennis and the entire Nightforce organization for believing in EOL TV! ~ Enjoy the rifle!!

MOA Rifle- Thank you to Nightforce from Extreme Outer Limits on Vimeo.

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