Why Cant We All Just Get Along


Having been immersed in hunting for most of my life, over the past few years there seems to be a number of topics that have disturbingly become more and more apparent. Subjects that many organizations in the industry have made claims as to what is right or wrong, which in my opinion, has caused the hunting community to divide rather than unite. Opinions on “long range” hunting, and the ever growing technology are currently very hot topics. Campfire stories where men and women used to share their exciting tales of their hunt have now turned into ethical debates on how hunters choose to hunt! It is a shame that instead of taking our efforts elsewhere to say, “stop the anti-hunting movement“, we seemingly fight the great people that enjoy the same sport as ourselves.

Let us just say that one hunter around the campfire possesses the ability and skill to “long range” hunt. A man or woman who wants to increase his or her success rate while doing what? Yes, HUNTING. Putting in and waiting for years – burning 20 points on a tag, you better be able to shoot! Who ever decided 400-600 yards was the cap for an “ethical kill”? Last time I checked, ethics is whether you can humanely kill an animal with minimal risk of wounding. For archers, that could be 30 yards or 70 yards, who am I to make those claims? As long as the archer gets the job done. Some rifle hunters’ comfortable shooting range may be 200 yards, while his buddy might be proficient to 800 yards. Bottom line – it’s a judgment call based on skill and the competency of the weapon you choose. There are no facts that go with ethics, only a personal feeling of internal ability and external conditions at the time of the shot.

Moving onto another person around the campfire – Let’s say this person has their entire property covered in trail cams, has feeders out, and knows which big bucks are coming to which food plot down to the minute. Some would venture to say, “you’re cheating with technology, that’s not hunting, and it’s not fair”. Why is it unfair, why is this persons way wrong? Just because they’re using advancements in our sport to increase the odds? Harvesting a mature wild animal is no easy feat so any little piece here and there to help is a plus.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re hunters no matter what legal style we choose. Separating us will only cause defeat, and in my eyes, not much good can come from that. I DO NOT agree with the organizations that are making these claims. I learned early on in life, that when opening my mouth, I stick to the things I know! The fact of the matter is, I do this week in and week out. If any of the claims these organizations are making were true, we would not continue to use these methods. I have said it a million times, I will not be the guy to draw a line in the sand in the hunting community. That may be best left to the organizations who have made these claims, but should this continue, I know what side I will be standing on. The side with my fellow hunters.

Bob Beck
Extreme Outer Limits TV
MOA Rifles LLC

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