My Long Range Story -Bob Beck

My quest for longer range capable rifles began about 14 years ago. This quest came from many hunting seasons, and the several similar stories told around the campfire, after a long days hunt. “The only mature animal was at nearly 700 yards, disappearing over the ridge, as I was trying to close the distance”, or “I spotted a big one, but he was over 900 yards away and I can’t shoot that far”. In the West, we all know this to be a reality more than one would like to mention. So the decision was made, I could either let this continue, or become invested into a system that would allow me the opportunity to take the game I was looking for on all my future hunts. By definition, a hunter is “someone who searches for something”. I was in search of not only trophy game, but the ability to take trophy game ethically at extended ranges. This search took me on the quest for the most accurate and predictable shooting system I could afford. I have had several custom rifles built over the years, and through trial and error, I’ve gained an infinite amount of knowledge about long range shooting. Some of my longest shots harvesting game include 1061 yards, 1201 yards, and my longest, on film for Extreme Outer Limits TV, is 1380 yards. I have taken all that I have learned and developed the most precise, reliable, predictable, and most affordable shooting system on the market today. The time has come for the Evolution™ of long range hunting – “Introducing MOA Rifles LLC”.

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